Improve the speed and quality of your design system by migrating from Sketch, Adobe XD, or InVision to Figma.

One of the world’s best agencies asked us to teach them how to craft better design systems in Figma. Want to know more? Ask us by emailing Chris at this domain name ;)

We can migrate your team from an existing system or construct one from scratch. Done right, a Figma design system can make your team up to 60% more efficient. Doubtful? Ask us about how that's possible!

Need your design system well-documented? We do that, too! We’ll create a documentation site that syncs directly with Figma and walks every stakeholder through your design system’s component methodology, use-cases, and detailed examples.

To ensure your team is successful, we can provide design team training on how to use your sparkling new design system in Figma, as well as ongoing training for Figma’s newest features.

Developers need to know how to build your designs, right? That’s why a FigMigration-built design system is key. Many designers don’t understand the best way to structure Figma components to assist developers. For instance, auto-layout and component variants with interactive components will make your developers fall in love with Figma and the ease with which they can create your components. Done wrong, developers will waste countless hours trying to guess at pixel dimensions, font-sizes, and positioning.

Let’s partner-up to equip your team with a pixel-perfect and efficient design system that will propel the growth of your company! Introduce yourself by emailing Chris at this domain name we'll coordinate the best way to set you up for success ;)